We build and serve expertise


Test Resource Outsource

We supply well trained QA resources to our clients with many unique offers comparing to other vendors such as specific training requests, 24/7 online mentor,

QA as a Service

Does not matter where you develop your software across the world, we set up a test team for you with best quality and velocity, we guarantee on speed of testing and quality with

Test Automation Service

With our test automation experience where we turn 100% manual to 100% automation and reduce release cycle from once a month to 8 release per day, we are different from other

Performance Testing Service

Understand your production platform capacity, Visibility on impact of new feature on system performance, plan Hardware resource in advance to support growth or plan software refactoring

Realtime Production monitoring Service

Do you know if in last 10 minutes – your order number or average margin drop by 3%? Your YOY growth drop by 10%? your loyalty point Earn or Burn jump by 300%?


Up-Coming Service

Our Clients

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